Hello Fog!



This morning’s fog felt great somehow.  The first fog of the season.  I finally can say I can feel the winter is coming.  A sign of the upcoming holiday festivities and the nonstop cold weather coming in.  The excitement of it all started kicking in.


Any Behavior That is Not Love is a Call For Love


The title itself is the second entry to the book If It Hurts, It Isn’t Love by Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D.  The entry talks about those who might make us feel like we’re being attacked.  Those whose actions towards us are unloving.   They are the ones who are calling out for love.  I xan’t say I totally agree with that a 100%.  Yes, it can be true.  But on the other hand, if their daily actions are to push you away and not once have they shown you love, I doubt that that’s a call for love from the other person.  How much more patience shall the other person have to exert?  There’s only so much one can hold inside them.  They too are calling for love.

Psyched for Her 1st Halloween in School



I just loved it as much as she does! My daughter’s 1st Halloween in school! Today, they’ll be having a school Halloween Parade this morning, which I will definitely be showing up and volunteering for.  The simple things like this makes up the whole reason why I just love being a mom!

Education and Violence


As I look back through the past ten years since I graduated from Vallejo High School, I am nothing but stunned with questions on what the hell happened.  My high school years were not perfect or the best. I witnessed fights or arguments as I walked down the hallways.  Some of the classes were not as challenging as I expected. But it was fun.  I learned and made friends that is lasts a lifetime.  It was memorable.  Changes happened in my high school, which I thought was for the better of the new generation.  Now, I am not too sure.

A few of the schools in our city was closed down.  From my understanding, it was because of funding.  Hogan High School became Hogan Middle School.  Vallejo Middle School became part of Vallejo High School.  And so on.  Classrooms are now more crowded.  Questions and concerns about the quality of the curriculum are filling up my head since I am a mother of a four year old who is about to start Kindergarten next school year.

After watching and reading the news about a couple of our schools in Vallejo, my concerns grew deeper, now also including the safety of my child and my cousins (also attending school within the same district).  Two of our schools were featured in the news in a matter of just one month.  The first incident involved a high school student being shot in close vicinity to his school.  Shortly after, Vallejo High School was reported to have two separate lockdowns in one day.  One involves something about a weapon, the other when a fight occurred involving at least fifty student.

Given that what the media shows us is possibly twisted and we don’t really know as much as what is being shown on televisions or written on the papers/internet.  Yet, it still concerns me.  it bugs me.  I have a child who is about to start school in a few months, and cousins who are still in school.  How is this being handled? How has the quality of education changed and how will it affect my child, my cousins, the rest of the kids?  Safety is always an issue, but how safe are our schools now?

Our kids are our future.  Schools are supposed to be the place besides home where our kids can learn and grow safely.  How can we be assured now?

What Really is Ethical When it Comes to HealthCare?


Just a few minutes ago, I was reading an article regarding a doctor who had refused to treat an infant due to who the parents are.

This doctor was recommended to the parents by a midwife. And upon realizing that both parents of the child are gay, the family was redirected or reassigned to a different medical provider.  

I have a lot of thoughts about it I don’t even know where or how to start.  Or if all of my thoughts would even make it in in this entry.

First of all, I feel so sorry for this family.  I can only imagine how hurtful this is for them.  No one should ever be denied healthcare.  No one.  Yes, a different provider was assigned, but it seems like they were denied the first time by the doctor who originally was supposed to see them during the appointment.  What is it based on? The parents’ sexual orientation?  Wouldn’t that fall under discrimination?  The article I read says that the doctor was able to do this legally because of the medical/ethics oath (possibly the Hippocratics Oath or something similar) that they took and honestly, I’m having a hard time understanding that.

To care for the sick is a doctor’s job.  When is it ethical and okay to turn away or pass on the ill due to their sexual orientation or those to whom they are associated/related with?  Would that mean that it’s okay to do just the same to someone who may be a murderer? A sex offender? A thief? A druggie?

So, what really is ethical? Who really can be seen by any doctors? Because from my understanding, any medical provider is there to help cure the ill.  Why are certain people not given the same courtesy because of what makes them different? So what if the parents are gay? They’re not hurting anyone, are they?

Who Do You Think You Are?


Don’t claim that you know someone if you:
• Either barely or don’t know me
• Either don’t or refuse to understand me or see through me
• Only know what you have been told by those who also don’t understand me
• Have never walked on my shoes before
• Don’t even really talk to me.


2015 – The Year of the Goat


Just last Thursday, many of us celebrated Chinese New Year.  Although I am Filipino, I still celebrated Chinese New Year since I grew up in a family and community where this occasion has been fully accepted and incorporated in our culture.  And of coirse, being married to a family who shares somewhat a similar culture as the Chinese population, the more reason I celebrate it. 

In this post is a picture of painted boiled eggs tied in yarns.  It can be worn when received and also hung in the house.  These eggs symbolizes good luck for the new year.