1. My given birth name is Mikaella Celine.
2. Myka is my nickname.
3. I was born on Mar. 18, 1986
4. Manila, Philippines is my birthplace.
5. I have a younger sister named Claudine.
6. My older half-sister’s name is Wendy.
7. I was 12 when my family and I migrated to the U.S. (I thought we were just visiting to go to Disneyland)
8. I’m a Mama and Papa’s girl – I have a special bond with my grandparents from my mom’s side.
9. Astronaut was my dream job as a kid.
10. Now, it’s to be an accountant.
11. Given that I’d like to be an accountant, I really hated Math when I was in school.
12. I have a hyper, yet wlvery beautiful, adorable, and loving daughter named Sophia Meuy. Sofy for short.
13. I like to read books.
14. Romance and Self-Help are my top two favorite genres.
15. I love listening to Pop, R&B, and Soul music.
16. The first concert I ever went to was *NSync.
17. I was, still is, and forever will be a huge fan of *NSync, Backstreet Boys, No Doubt and Spice Girls.
18. Besides those 4 bands, I am also a big fan of Maroon 5 and Black Eyed Peas.
19. I enjoy watching documentaries on t.v. Travel Channel and Investigation Discovery are my favorite channels.
20. My favorite book as a kid was Number The Stars by Lois Lowry.
21. I’m a sucker for the Twilight Saga and the Harry Potter series.
22. I love sweets
23. When I’m bored and not watching t.v, I’d be on my phone/tablet, reading, writing, or playing Word Search puzzles.
24. I crochet. Yes I do!!!
25. My day would never be complete without my Sofy. She completes me!!!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Morning Myka! Saturday and it is a beautiful day here in San Diego. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed the read. If you like word games, you may like Bookworm. Keep up logging those thoughts on your blog.


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