Ignorance Is The Root of All These “President-Elect” Chaos


I am neither for Trump nor for Clinton.  The outcome of this Presidential Election has been nothing more than straight chaos and it has already been crazy throughout the campaigns.  To me, they both have a lot of unwanted publicity and a whole lot more incriminating attitudes  and actions.  It makes me wonder, would the outcome have been the same if Hillary had won the election?

Believe me, I get it.  People are protesting.  There are riots everywhere.  All because Donald Trump won the presidency.  As mentioned, I don’t like him either.  I personally don’t agree with a lot of things he has promised to do for our country.  With Hillary, there are a lot of things I don’t agree with either.  Okay, Freedom of Speech, I’m there, I totally understand that, but all these riots are getting out of bound!  Violence will not resolve anything, nor would it fix America.  So does hatred.  I am not just talking about Anti-Trump protesters.  Ever since Trump won, there have also been news of violence towards gay people, people of a certain religion, etc.  What is up with that?

If anything, what this country needs more are peace and order.  Through that, we have a far more greater chance of fixing of what is left of this country.  Instead of focusing on all these nonsense, find a way to resolve this country’s issues (such as bettering healthcare, education, and the economics).  Hating on a certain group, blowing up or vandalizing places, and all that are acts of an ignorant person who only adds more fuel to the fire.  Things are already bad enough as it is.

We have absolutely no chance of having a better country if people just keeps up with all these chaos.


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