How Much School Safety Really is Being Enforced?



Just as any mother, my main concern is the safety of my child wherever she goes to, including school.  As my daughter and I embark into a new journey in our lives, enrolling her to a Transitional Kindergarten Summer Academy, then onto Kindergarten, there is that worried feeling that continuously take over me.  How safe will my child be in school?

As the 2015-2016 school year start, I tried to keep myself calm through my skepticism.  First off, I was informed by the School District and the school that the school she will be attending for Kindergarten is a uniform school.  I asked why?  “Oh, it’s for safety purposes, so we know who our students are.”  On orientation, the principal mentioned that since the handbook and pamphlets indicates that a student can get sent home for not wearing the right uniform, if the parents have any issues with it and want to opt out from the uniform policy, they’ll need to come to the office and work it out with them.  We are about to start the 3rd week of the school year, and numerous students are still NOT IN UNIFORM.  I highly doubt that this much people were able to opt out from this “Mandatory Policy.”  Another issue is the fact that all uniform schools in this district have the same uniform.  There is nothing to tell which school the student is from.  So how can you know on emergency if this kid is one of your students? 

Secondly, it is a good thing that they ask all visitors and volunteers to sign in at the office before actually entering pass the office.  Anyone can just walk in, sign in, and get a sticker badge.  There is also no signing out.  What if some psycho just signs in? Can anyone just walk in in a school uniform?

And lastly,  this one really still bugs me.  I came in to volunteered one day in school for the kids’ lunch period. In between helping my child’s teacher and checking up on my child, I noticed that my friend’s daughter’s class is sitting right by my child’s class.  I decided to check up on her.  She was nowhere to be found in the cafeteria.  I tried asking her teacher but I didn’t get a response. Maybe she didn’t hear me?  So on the way back to the classrooms, I texted my friend asking if she had taken her daughter home from school early.  Apparently, not.  This was when I informed her that I didn’t see her child during lunch time.  What we found out later on was truly shocking to me.  Apparently, the teacher had asked a few of the kids to sit down while the other kids were lining up to go to lunch. As the whole lunch period went by AND the kids went back to their designated classroom.  The teacher didn’t even notice that she was missing one kid.  Come to know, she forgot about her, a 4 year old kid in Transitional Kindergarten, in the classroom.  This kid was left alone, unattended, in the classroom without anything to eat for a good 20-30 minutes.  So again, where is the safety for our kids here?


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