Why are the 7 days in a week? The story behind the names of the days of the week


Stephen Liddell

Have you ever wondered why the week has 7 days in it?  It is so entrenched around the world even in areas not influenced by Bible teaching and yet no one really questions why this is.   Whilst human devised methods of marking years or lunar months make sense, the division of days into weeks is much less obvious and aside from the Biblical explanation, makes little sense.

Napoleon certainly didn’t think so, the driving force behind metrification for a short time had 10 day weeks and 10 hour days!  I always thought it funny actually that France is so enamoured with the metric system given that the country is well known for finding value in things other than science and efficiency such as love, literature and long lunches.   Yes it might be easier to have a metric system but it rather takes away the fun and quirkiness of life…

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