Missing Me


Who was I? I once knew. But now, I know I am a mom who can’t be herslef 99.9% of the time. Yes, even before I was married and became a mom, every step I take, every move I made, were watched and judged.  Let’s just say it is worst now.

Being a mom is the best part of me right now.  It will forever be.  The worse part? How can I find a way to be me?  Motherhood never stops me from being me. It is the whole who I am around with type of thing.

All my life, I feel like there are atleast 2 of me.  1 of who I am with my immediate family, 1 with my friends, 1 with other people, and 1 of just me. 

I miss me. Being who I am when its just me. Or when I am with my high school friends.  The times I can freely express me without being judged.  The same kind of feeling my daughter gives ms. I can be me.  But still lpved and accepted despite me flaws.  Everyone else seems to be so judgemental even if they don’t really know what is going on. Coz nobody else knows but me and my BABY GIRL. Yep!

I have my chances of being me. When it is just me and my #1 around. But it doesn’t last awhile.  Everyday, I have to cast my true self. Wondering when it would be possible to just be me,0.


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