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What is a Mother’s Love?


Awaken Everyday

A Mother’s Love is seeing the world through new eyes
It is letting go of the expectations of what you want your child to be and finding instead who they are
It is the courage to start each day anew
It is challenging the status quo to change the world your child will grow up in
It is listening for the ‘song’ beneath your child’s words, finding the unspoken verse

A Mother’s Love is being a role-model when you don’t want to be
It is weariness from being up all night with a teething toddler or
from waiting for a child who has not come home
It is knowing when to listen instead of lecture
It is a warm soft embrace
It is a bowl of rice krispies with heavy cream or a spoonful of homemade cookie batter

A Mother’s Love is feeling that first kick, the first movement of…

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Assumptions that kill you.


bears, goats, and strawberries

Countryside is for jeans, horses, bikes, and a way of life. Even the Amish fly on airplanes; your stereotypes are wrong. How many times have you been told “not to judge a book by its cover”…. Yet, you still do; mostly based on Hollywood trash make believe. These assumptions end up with idiots dead. We all know that; don’t we. But for some reason…y’all won’t stop your ” holier than thou” behavior until someone kills you. Trust me. Everyone is sick of your shit and no one is going to stand in the way of the gunman and your death. Probably shake the killers hand, say “good riddance to bad rubbish”; let’s go to the bar, grab a drink and go back to our freedoms now that they are dead.

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Writing Communities



1-writingIt pains me to think that some people finish their education and never read another book. Words have woven themselves so deeply into my life. If I stopped reading and writing I wouldn’t be myself anymore. It would be like reincarnation.I don’t know who I would become.

Lately, I’ve been telling myself this quote a lot: “Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people.” Right now my classmates and I share a common goal to work hard and focus on becoming better writers. A community like this should never be taken for granted. It should be appreciated completely.

Pretty soon, I will graduate from high school, and perhaps, I will never see some of these amazing people again. My creative writing class has become a family. Writing reveals such intimate, personal parts of ourselves, and over the past four years, my classmates have come to understand…

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The Rigged “Fight of the Century”



RIGGED! This pretty much sums up what I thought of the “Fight of the Century.”  How can one win by unanimous decision if all he did was dance around the ring, kept on saying NOPE, and headlocking Pacquiao?  Notice how many times the referee had to stop Mayweather and tell him that he can’t headlock.

Then again, it was as I expected.  Still disappointed, it’s Vegas.  Money talks.