The Best Night Ever After


I don’t recall a single night better than the night of August 27, 2010.  The very night I had my daughter Sophia.  Though it was an all day delivery (yes! I mean from the crack of dawn until late night) with complications leading to an emergency C-Section, this beats any night I’ve ever had and thus becoming the best night of my life.  Though of course, I tend to yell and get mad for bratty attitudes, which mother doesn’t, right?  One thing I know for sure is that ever since that night, I met my #1.  My #1 love.  My #1 soul mate.  My #1 best friend.  She tops it all off. 

She is the one who makes my day brighter no matter what my mood is.  She is the one who can manage to somehow piss me off and calm me down at the same time.  The very person who I look forward to spending the day with the most.  The person who can look me in the eye and with every gesture, can make me feel loved.  The love of my life

The night this Angel is born is the best night ever!


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