Don’t Worry, Be Happy 



As moms we often worry about a lot of things:

● our children’s wellbeing
● our children’s safety
● our children’s health
● our children’s development
● our children’s diets
● our children’s education
● our children’s social status
● our children’s feelings
● our children’s success
● our children’s failures
● our children’s needs
● our children’s wants/desires

Then there’s:

● our ability to be a great mom and raise respectful, secure, smart, successful, etc. children
● our husband/significant other
● our career
● our health
● our needs

● our desires/passion

And the list goes on and on. But, let me stop us before we become even more overwhelmed than we already are. Often our anxiety and worries are derived from others’ expectations of us or even our unrealistic expectations of ourselves. The only Wonder Woman I know was played by Linda Carter…on TV. (She was…

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