Things Not to Say (At Least Not to Strangers)


So This Is Adoption

As far as I can remember, our “insensitive stories” center on our infertility issues. For example, one person told us during potluck after church that we needed to pray more and have more faith. Thank you for that helpful bit of advice. But we hear stories of insensitive comments regarding adoption itself, so I thought I’d post these here.

First, a video from a pastor about “boob jobs”:

And this is where “at least not to strangers” comes in. I think most of our close female friends would talk to us about their breast enhancements (or the opposite) if they had such a procedure. We’re all pretty open, it seems to me. Friends can say stuff, ask stuff. It’s in a relationship of trust, so no one has to be super careful about saying exactly the right thing in the right way. We’re all figuring this out together; that’s why…

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