The Problem of Political Correctness



I’m 20 weeks pregnant; half-way home on baby #3. We had our sonogram today and in the waiting room, a video is playing. It has a bunch of advertisements for push chairs and toys, tips for taking care of baby, and public service announcements about SIDS, etc .

And then there is this sign:


What?! My DH & I just kept laughing. And then the segment on breast feeding came on– hence the panic button, I guess. I was surprised; the English women are so good about whipping out a boob and feeding the baby. I haven’t seen a single Hooter Hider since I’ve livedhere.They don’t have those issues we have in Texas where people go bananas over nursing in public. But it only takes one.

I never had this issue. The legal right in the US is for a woman to feed her baby anywhere she is legally allowed…

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