How to Find Mindfulness in Motherhood


Beans Babies Ukuleles


Meditation is good for you.  In all kinds of ways, for all kinds of people.  More and more all the time, we’re seeing that its benefits are numerous and scientifically verifiable.  (I won’t take the time to argue this premise, but if you’re doubtful or curious, please do research it on your own.)  It seems there’s no one in the world who couldn’t benefit at least some from meditating.

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You know who doesn’t have time to meditate?  Moms.  I know, I know.  I’m sure your cousin’s friend’s hairdresser has two kids and meditates for an hour each morning.  But really, you and I both know that for the average mother, in our culture, meditation as a regular practice is simply not practical.  The practice of meditation, as many people understand it, involves spending a predictable, quiet few minutes alone, to sit and clear ones mind…

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