6 Easy-to-Implement Tips to Get Your Children to Clean-Up Their Rooms



It’s the daily battle for millions of parents: “Clean your room!” Son/daughters’ bedroom can get crowded with toys, clothes and clutter. But, how do you help children to organize and clean up after themselves?

First of all, bringing the child into the action is not an easy process. Our approach as parents is to always consider this assignment as a punishment, when what you’re really trying to do is to teach your son/daughter basic organizational skills and maintenance methods.

Consider the organization process as a learning activity and focus on the child. Collaborate with your son/daughter, this way you’ll have a better chance of devising any flaws in their system, and you’ll be able to make constructive suggestions to improve it. If they’re involved in the effort, children are able to understand the logistics of the process and will maintain an organized room in the future.

As a guide for…

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