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Jen, I’ve been a bit down lately due to homophobic comments slipped into normal conversations with a friend. They pass them off as humorous, but it’s still quite uncomfortable to say the least. I only recently started coming out as gay but he makes me feel ashamed of my sexuality. Thoughts?


First things first; don’t EVER feel ashamed of your sexuality. Your friend is clearly the uncomfortable one, not you. As us Limerick women say about people like that, “He’d want to go away and have a chat with himself”.

You made a seriously courageous decision to come out as gay, and your friends need to have a bit of understanding in how difficult it must have been to take the leap and tell them. In groups of friends, there tends to be a lot of mental categorising of individuals; the funny one, the mad one, the Star Wars nerd…

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The F-word.


Contemporary Feminism

So, I published my first post admitting I am a feminist, very publicly which honestly I was worried to do, because now I’m sure there are people who have and will read it who are now thinking I’m a man-hater, I burn bras and that I want female superiority. But why should I feel worried about calling myself a feminist?

There are many negative connotations that people associate with feminism, so with this post I wanted to help people to understand my view (and many other people’s view) about what being a modern-day feminist is. Being a feminist is far from the extreme stereotypes laid upon us. To be a feminist is to believe that men and women should be equal in society. It is that we are all human beings, with our own bodies, and we should be able to be free to wear and do what we want. Our bodies…

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Are you Mom or Are You Wife?



Being a new parent often trumps all other responsibilities. If your house is a bit of a mess, it’s understandable. If laundry isn’t done, it’s okay. If meals aren’t prepared on time, it’s acceptable. If you’re late to appointments they are understanding. If you can’t shower for three days, no one care but you. If you back out on plans with friends they forgive you. Because being a parent is important and takes priority over everything else.
One thing my husband and I heard when I was pregnant was that being a parent would also take priority over our marriage. We were told that our time together as husband and wife would come to a halt for 18+ years and we should enjoy not being parents while we could. We were told that our friendship, sex life, and everything else important in marriage would be put on hold. We were told that we…

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Megamouth shark washes up in Philippines and is only the 60th we’ve ever seen.


Shark Devocean

On the morning of the 28th of January in Barangay Marigondon, Philippines, local residents discovered a mysterious shark washed up on their coastline caught in fishing nets. After contacting local authorities, it was confirmed to be the ever elusive megamouth shark, Megachasma pelagios. This is, by my records, only the 60th confirmed documentation of this enigmatic shark. Whilst detailed information on this species is still lacking, some biological information is known about this shark:  check out my 12 brain fondling facts here

But what have we learnt about this shark since its last sighting back in July of 2014.

[EDIT]: The original upload of the photo was by Rosalina Sariola of Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines (as credited under the photo and hyperlinked). Please see their Facebook page for more videos and photos of the event. All other pictures used are credited to the photographer and also hyperlinked to…

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