Hobbies: Finding The Right Fit


Living Intentionally Simple

Hobbies are great for your mental health.  With that being said, I believe they are only great for you, if you find the right one.  Otherwise, it can cause unnecessary stress.  For example……..

I am a crafty a little, nothing like you see on those amazing blogs where everything is perfect. Nope, can’t do it, so I gave up on trying years ago.  But the time that I did try, the stress that came from not accomplishing what I planned to accomplish was overwhelming.  I couldn’t understand why my stuff never came out the way it should have, the way the pics on that certain blog did, even when I follow the directions perfectly step by step.  Am I alone here or do you suffer from the same problem?
Eventually, I gave up and realized that crafting wasn’t the hobby for me, it wasn’t the right fit.  Having a hobby…

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