10 Simple Ways To Be Present (While Living In The Present)


Thought Catalog

Mateus Lunardi DutraMateus Lunardi Dutra

After spending the majority of my life with preoccupations, projecting, and planning ahead based upon how I thought things should go, I’ve faced my share of let downs and delusions based upon expectation. There have been those who’ve had an impact of varying degrees—some of which that shine a light so bright on these wounds. But ultimately, it’s taking responsibility for my actions and accepting that I created many of these obstacles. Hence, I’m now coconsciously making the choice to reflect, heal, and move forward.

There is great importance into following dreams, taking risks, creating short term and long-term goals, along realizing what and who is important while growing into one’s own over time. However, if we are able to become more self-disciplined in the re-programming of our minds, we can see and feel its positive effects. We can fully remain in the present rather than jumping…

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