What Really is Ethical When it Comes to HealthCare?


Just a few minutes ago, I was reading an article regarding a doctor who had refused to treat an infant due to who the parents are.

This doctor was recommended to the parents by a midwife. And upon realizing that both parents of the child are gay, the family was redirected or reassigned to a different medical provider.  

I have a lot of thoughts about it I don’t even know where or how to start.  Or if all of my thoughts would even make it in in this entry.

First of all, I feel so sorry for this family.  I can only imagine how hurtful this is for them.  No one should ever be denied healthcare.  No one.  Yes, a different provider was assigned, but it seems like they were denied the first time by the doctor who originally was supposed to see them during the appointment.  What is it based on? The parents’ sexual orientation?  Wouldn’t that fall under discrimination?  The article I read says that the doctor was able to do this legally because of the medical/ethics oath (possibly the Hippocratics Oath or something similar) that they took and honestly, I’m having a hard time understanding that.

To care for the sick is a doctor’s job.  When is it ethical and okay to turn away or pass on the ill due to their sexual orientation or those to whom they are associated/related with?  Would that mean that it’s okay to do just the same to someone who may be a murderer? A sex offender? A thief? A druggie?

So, what really is ethical? Who really can be seen by any doctors? Because from my understanding, any medical provider is there to help cure the ill.  Why are certain people not given the same courtesy because of what makes them different? So what if the parents are gay? They’re not hurting anyone, are they?


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