warrior princess bride

-274d7507-c406-4d89-882a-039a3c797ef8Some nightmares never seem to end, no matter how hard we pinch ourselves. Sometimes they are conjured from the past, haunting us, and rearing their ugly heads to torment us from afar.

I received a letter in the post today. It was from a financial institution. To explain the full extent of this particular nightmare would involve divulging personal information and speaking (or writing) badly of someone – neither of which I believe right to do. So I will keep to basic facts . . .

There is a property debt of which the court stated I had been indemnified. Today, I received a letter stating that because I had not paid the amount, my information would be given to a credit reporting body to hold for five years.

My dreams of buying my own home one day seemed to go up in flames before my very eyes. After years of…

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