They Tell Me To Be Afraid


The Chaos Of It All

They tell me not to go. They tell me it is scary. They tell me it’s not worth it.

They tell me not to go and I know they mean well.

I’ve three strikes against me, already, they say:




“Don’t go to the Middle East because you could die for this.

But how, then, do I explain to them how honored I’d be to die for this?

No one else sleeps inside this castle of skin. No one else hears the passionate whispers that reverberate in this heart’s very capillaries; the incessant noise. How it refuses to go mute. No one deals with this need in me, but me, and the God who put me here.

So I am here to tell you that I am going.

{So maybe not tomorrow, but soon}

To tell you that I am daring to stand in solidarity with word and

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Hobbies: Finding The Right Fit


Living Intentionally Simple

Hobbies are great for your mental health.  With that being said, I believe they are only great for you, if you find the right one.  Otherwise, it can cause unnecessary stress.  For example……..

I am a crafty a little, nothing like you see on those amazing blogs where everything is perfect. Nope, can’t do it, so I gave up on trying years ago.  But the time that I did try, the stress that came from not accomplishing what I planned to accomplish was overwhelming.  I couldn’t understand why my stuff never came out the way it should have, the way the pics on that certain blog did, even when I follow the directions perfectly step by step.  Am I alone here or do you suffer from the same problem?
Eventually, I gave up and realized that crafting wasn’t the hobby for me, it wasn’t the right fit.  Having a hobby…

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Learn To Respect Your Emotions


Thought Catalog

Flickr / Jonathan Kos-ReadFlickr / Jonathan Kos-Read

I’ve never been comfortable with emotions. Not my own and not those of others. Two degrees in mental health apparently weren’t enough to teach me that.

Emotions don’t make sense. They don’t do what we tell them to. They paralyze us and keep us from doing what needs to be done. They draw us toward people who will hurt us, and drive us from those who would be there for us. They cause us pain when nothing is wrong, and inflict pleasure as we harm ourselves. We feel depressed or irritated or anxious or disinterested, or even happy and excited, at the most inconvenient times. We feel multiple or conflicting emotions all at once, doing battle with each other and creating mental friction.

Emotions can’t be reasoned with. They won’t submit to logic. To a rational-minded person, this is maddening. We can have everything laid out…

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10 Things Girls REALLY Want From Guys


Thought Catalog

Flickr / mrhayata Flickr / mrhayata

Most of us have been in relationships where we felt misunderstood or weren’t getting what we wanted. I’ve heard multiple women say, “He just wasn’t giving me what I needed.” And I’ve heard multiple men ask something along these lines: “What in the hell do you really want?!” Women aren’t that complicated. This post explains what we really want.

1. We want little surprises.

Sure, we do like flowers and jewelry, and we’ll gladly accept both…and totally love you for it. But we don’t expect you to go out and spend an arm and a leg every month to keep us happy. Contrary to what you might think, we’re not out to break the bank. But we do love little surprises. Is there a new wine we’ve been obsessed with? Stop at the store on your way home and pick us up a bottle (because you know…

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11 Things Children Teach Us


Thought Catalog

Flickr / Jeffrey Flickr / Jeffrey

When it comes to living life to its fullest, children are the real gurus of happiness. They understand life better than most of us grownups do. Children have a way of teaching us the most essential things about life that we tend to forget as we get older. They maneuver through their early years with greater wisdom then some of the most experienced and refined individuals around us.

Even for those who do not have children, it is very rewarding to learn from a child. I have learned the most about life and happiness from my very young children. I have been motivated and influenced to live a happier and fuller life simply by watching my children live theirs. Here are 11 of the most important pieces of advice that clearly show that children have life all figured out.

1. Every day is a new day.


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10 Simple Ways To Be Present (While Living In The Present)


Thought Catalog

Mateus Lunardi DutraMateus Lunardi Dutra

After spending the majority of my life with preoccupations, projecting, and planning ahead based upon how I thought things should go, I’ve faced my share of let downs and delusions based upon expectation. There have been those who’ve had an impact of varying degrees—some of which that shine a light so bright on these wounds. But ultimately, it’s taking responsibility for my actions and accepting that I created many of these obstacles. Hence, I’m now coconsciously making the choice to reflect, heal, and move forward.

There is great importance into following dreams, taking risks, creating short term and long-term goals, along realizing what and who is important while growing into one’s own over time. However, if we are able to become more self-disciplined in the re-programming of our minds, we can see and feel its positive effects. We can fully remain in the present rather than jumping…

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23 Ways He’s Telling You He Really Likes You (That You’re Not Noticing)


Thought Catalog

Flickr / mateusdFlickr / mateusd

1. He doesn’t get weird when talking about future plans, whether it’s a concert that’s a couple months away, or a wedding he wants to bring you to as his guest.

2. When he goes up to the bar to get another drink, he gets one for you too without asking, because he pays attention to what you order.

3. He’s extra attentive when you tell him you’re having a bad day, by sending you encouraging texts or offering to come over after work to cheer you up.

4. He ignores his phone when he’s around you, especially when you’re out to dinner together.

5. When you guys hang out, he’ll occasionally show up with your favorite candy or beer, and you can tell he’s excited to surprise you with it.

6. He makes it a point to actually make plans with you, by setting a date and…

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