Five Significant Ways Feminism Helps Men



Patriarchy or matriarchy – both are oppressive systems of thinking. Freedom of all members is the ultimate goal.

Feminism is often talked in reference to women. But many don’t realize that the movement plays a significant role in helping men break free from their caged roles as well.

1)“Boys will be Boys” Myth

men will be men

There is a harmful and pervasive myth that men cannot control their urges and they are some kind of perpetually aroused, sex-starved species. That myth is just as harmful as the slut-shaming women receive for “teasing” men with their attire.
Boys will NOT always be boys. Boys are just as complex as girls, with their own strengths and weaknesses. They are stressed to have high libidos and an uncanny ability to please in bed on the one hand, and they are not taken seriously as victims of sexual assault on the other.
Matter of the fact…

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