The Struggle with Guilt


Treasuring MOMents

imagesOne of the biggest enemies we face as moms is guilt.  It starts almost as soon as that wee one is laid in our arms.  And it tends to grow as the children get bigger because there’s so much more to feel guilty about!

I’ve felt guilty about homeschooling because I felt I was depriving my children of real education.  But then I felt guilty putting them in school because I was throwing them to the wolves (the charge given to me by more than one homeschool mom).

I’ve experienced guilt over my leniency in parenting and the times I was too tough.  I felt guilty at times for staying home with my children because I wasn’t contributing financially to the household.  But then I felt guilty when I was working outside the home.

As if there wasn’t enough to feel guilty about—I’ve even experienced guilt over the fact I…

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