Is Your Child a Smartphone Addict?


Lake Lewisville Pediatrics



With growing number of teens showing signs of depression, anxiety, poor attention span, sleeps disturbance, aggression, poor school performance and social withdrawal—symptoms we often see in kids addicted to drugs and alcohol—one can’t help wonder if one of the greatest innovations of this century, the smartphone has added to these maladies. Gaming and internet addiction are well known disorders to psychiatrists. Do we need to add smartphone addiction to this list? A recent study in South Korea, where use of smartphones in teens is rampant, confirms our fears.

Is there a way we can prevent our children from going down this slippery slope? As parents, we need to have an honest discussion with our kids regarding the risks with overuse of smartphones.

Here is a list of things to watch out for:


  1. Does your teen have the urge to respond to every notification/message on the smartphone immediately?
  2. Does…

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