I Am Not Your Prisoner


I am my own self.  I define who I am.  I am not who you want and expect me to be. Nor am I or shoukd you define me.  I have my own personality and it is not based on what you say.  I accepted you for who you are as long as you respect who I am.  Now, I question your respect and acceptance of me. 

I am not a prisoner or property of anybody else but me.  You are not my guard or owner.  I am me. 

Don’t make me act he way you want me to act.  Don’t make me do what you want me to do.  Don’t label me.  Don’t insult me. 

Apparently, you don’t know me, respect me, nor love me.  Otherwise, you would have not locked me up behind invisible walls and bars like what you are currently and have been doing.


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