The True Spirit of Christmas


I grew up being taught that Christmas rooted from celebrating the birth of Christ.  But what really is the true essence of Christmas?

To me, it is more that just the birth of Christ.  Yes, he was born as the son of God, and he sacrificed his life for humankind.  But, we grew up used to celebrating this holiday showering those who we love with presents.  Kids looking forward to these gifts, even for Santa.

Though we should give thanks for our countless blessings every single day, Christmas should be that very day that we should be more thankful, for the true meaning of Christmas is not what money can buy.  Christmas does not have to come from any store, nor from Santa Claus (no offense).  It is so much more than that.  It comes from our heart.  Our faith.  And the ones who matters to us – our family and friends.  Christmas comes from the love that we share with the people that matters most.

Happy Holiday everyone!!!


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