The Ferguson Masterpost: How To Argue Eloquently & Back Yourself Up With Facts


[smut & sensibility]

We encourage you to share the link to this rather than reblogging the entire post (since this is frequently updated and we want to minimize the spread of outdated info!): Also, commentĀ volume is high enough that personal replies are not always possibleĀ anymore; browse through the comments & see if your issues/ideas have been addressed there.

Introduction From The Curator

Updates & Notes After Initial Publication

Note (12/1/14 at 11:45Ā PM EST):Ā Overall goal is to overhaulĀ this post in the coming weeks so that itā€™s easier to read and further updatedā€”taking into account the many, many comments flowing in. An ā€œarchiveā€ GoogleDoc version will be made of its previous iteration for transparency and a new cleaned up version (with an extended introduction or a link to another post with such information, as well as a more cohesive author voice hopefully!) will be posted here in its place.Ā Once it has reached anā€¦

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