I Am Not Your Prisoner


I am my own self.  I define who I am.  I am not who you want and expect me to be. Nor am I or shoukd you define me.  I have my own personality and it is not based on what you say.  I accepted you for who you are as long as you respect who I am.  Now, I question your respect and acceptance of me. 

I am not a prisoner or property of anybody else but me.  You are not my guard or owner.  I am me. 

Don’t make me act he way you want me to act.  Don’t make me do what you want me to do.  Don’t label me.  Don’t insult me. 

Apparently, you don’t know me, respect me, nor love me.  Otherwise, you would have not locked me up behind invisible walls and bars like what you are currently and have been doing.


The True Spirit of Christmas


I grew up being taught that Christmas rooted from celebrating the birth of Christ.  But what really is the true essence of Christmas?

To me, it is more that just the birth of Christ.  Yes, he was born as the son of God, and he sacrificed his life for humankind.  But, we grew up used to celebrating this holiday showering those who we love with presents.  Kids looking forward to these gifts, even for Santa.

Though we should give thanks for our countless blessings every single day, Christmas should be that very day that we should be more thankful, for the true meaning of Christmas is not what money can buy.  Christmas does not have to come from any store, nor from Santa Claus (no offense).  It is so much more than that.  It comes from our heart.  Our faith.  And the ones who matters to us – our family and friends.  Christmas comes from the love that we share with the people that matters most.

Happy Holiday everyone!!!

Christmas in Less Than a Week



Christmas is said to be The Most Wonderful Time. 

Honestly, I’m quite excited (as usual) for the day to come.  Our traditional Christmas Eve Celebration with the family.  Our annual Secret Santa.  Gift-Giving for the kids.  All the good food to be shared with everyone.  The quality time spent.  It really is awesome!    I’m actually more excited for the kids.  How happy they will be with just The Thought of Celebrating Christmas.

California Dreaming



As a kid, I used to dream of vacationing to the US and visit the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland.  Of course, which kid didn’t dream that?

When I was 12, my dream came true.  The only difference is that it’s a permanent vacation. 

My family and I moved to California in hopes for a better life.  Brand new environment.  Brand new school.  Brand new people.

Culture shock?  Oh heck yeah!  It seemed like I did not fit in.  I could speak English since it is my second language, yet some people laughed at my accent.  They thought I was weird.  I made a few new friends but missed my old ones.  I missed the place I used to call home. 

One thing is sure though.  Disneyland was the happiest place on Earth.

Perennial Favorites: The Benefits of Strategic Listening


The Daily Post

In this piece from our archives, Michelle lays out the benefits of thinking strategically about your online presence — and becoming more attuned to the nuances of the blogging community.

Our blogs are expressions of us, informed by a community. It’s part of why we write blogs instead of handwritten journals.

Listening in on other conversations before you draft and publish clarifies your thinking and inspires more post ideas. While staying on top of topics you care about might be a more obvious move for a topical blogger than a purely personal one, taking the time to listen gives any blogger a lift.

You’re probably already engaged in the larger community, and you can focus some of that engagement to benefit your blog. It’s time to try some strategic listening. With free tools to simplify it, it’s an easy way to give your blog a big boost.

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The 7 Irrational Behaviors of Black Friday


Center for Advanced Hindsight

Every day of the year, American shoppers act irrationally. On Black Friday, however, shoppers’ irrationality and wildness climb to dangerously high levels. Why does Black Friday lead shoppers to grab and fight, especially when the stakes are often as low as fifty percent off toasters?

Over the last few decades, social scientists have cataloged the many different factors that lead to irrational consumer behavior, and Black Friday touches on nearly that entire list.

Luckily though, if shoppers stay aware of how Black Friday is designed to make them irrational—and if they take breaks, eat snacks, plan ahead, and keep a clear mind—then they can avoid falling victim to the “holiday.”

Here are seven reasons shoppers become so irrational and committed to deals on Black Friday, as well as a few ways you can protect yourself.

Black Friday is like a hazing ritual

Black Friday shoppers are dedicated—they sacrifice sleep…

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